At a very young age and with no apparent influence from friends or family, an eager eyed Tommie Quick developed a taste for a multitude of dance music genres, from house and trance to old skool rave and jungle. Unbeknown to him these new found musical discoveries would turn into a passion, an addiction, and the driving force behind his future career.

Not long after his eleventh birthday Tommie DJed to his first crowd and continued to play at parties where he learnt the fundamental skills of musical progression and crowd control, culminating in his first club appearance at the age of fifteen.

Since the early days Tommie has progressed to play at a multitude of clubs throughout the UK and Ireland, promoted nights, played festivals, co-presented a radio show and become one of the main residents at two of the South Wests biggest dance brands, Tranzaction and Eyecon at the Dance Academy.

Production has been firmly on Tommie’s agenda over the past few years with tracks signed to Traffic, K405 and Tranzfusion as well as his cheeky reworkings under his Digital Deviant guise being heavily supported by the top players, racking up over seven plays on Radio 1 and acquiring Judge Jules’ coveted “Tried and Tested” status.

Musically Tommie’s style can only be described as diverse and energetic, mixing the sounds of house, trance, techno, hard dance and anything else in between. Never afraid to push the boundaries, try new sounds and play with the crowd Tommie has proven himself to be a truly versatile DJ whose enthusiasm for the music, strong stage presence and unique tune selection has made him a firm favourite in the South West and beyond.

Keep your eye out for a venue near you where Tommie may be unleashing his unique brand of profound energetic music to the masses.